Do I need a lawyer for a bail hearing in Virginia?

Any person in police custody after being charged with a crime maybe be able to obtain a bond or post bail to get out of jail. The accused will attend a bail hearing, which is a court process for determining whether he can be released from jail before and during the trial. Because there’s so much at stake at a bail hearing, it’s important to work with a criminal defense attorney to ensure the best possible outcome. 

What Happens at a Virginia Bail Hearing #

Generally, there are two decisions made during bail proceedings:

  • The judge determines if you’ll be released on bail. There is a legal presumption that you will be released unless the court has probable cause to believe that:
  • You will not appear at trial or hearings as directed
  • You will present an unreasonable danger to yourself or others if you are released
  • The terms of your bail will be decided if you are, in fact, released. The court will consider what bail terms are necessary to ensure that you show up at trial and don’t break the law before going to trial. Some possible bail terms include putting you in someone else’s custody, requiring a secured or unsecured bond, and limiting your travel.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help During Bail Hearings #

Bail hearings happen quickly, and often there’s not a lot of preparation time. However, a criminal defense lawyer can gather useful information from you, your family and friends, and your community. A lawyer can also look at your previous criminal record if you have one. Then, your lawyer can make strong arguments on your behalf and take all of the necessary steps to protect your rights in court.

A Virginia bail hearing can determine whether you spend time during the trial outside a jail cell. Contact the attorneys at Quest Law PLLC by calling 804-396-3329 to help you with this important law proceeding.