Will I go to jail if I’m convicted of a crime in Virginia?

If you were charged with committing a crime in the Commonwealth of Virginia, you may be concerned that a conviction could bring jail time. Being sent to jail depends on a wide range of factors, including the seriousness of the crime in question and the effectiveness of your defense.

Minimizing Criminal Charges and Their Consequences #

In many cases, Virginia criminal defense lawyers can negotiate to either reduce charges or reduce the amount of time their client will have to spend in jail. Additionally, the Commonwealth of Virginia offers sentencing alternatives to jail time in a number of areas. These sentencing alternatives may include:

  • Community service. In addition to fines, fees, and other penalties, community service may be used as an alternative to jail time, with a judge specifying a specific number of service hours to be completed.
  • House arrest. Some people may be eligible for participation in an electronic monitoring program, which allows for serving your time at home and even potentially continuing your employment.
  • Suspended jail time. In some cases, a judge may place you on probation or ask you to follow a certain set of conditions, rather than having you serve a jail sentence.
  • Jail served on weekends. Some Virginia jails allow people to serve their sentences on the weekend, so they can retain employment. An attorney can tell you if this program is available in your area and discuss eligibility requirements.
  • Work release. Some jails offer work release programs that allow people to leave during the day to attend their job and return at the end of their shift. Like weekend sentences, availability and eligibility can vary.

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