Who pays for my child’s college education after a divorce?

College expenses are not part of child support agreements in Virginia. In Virginia, child support ends when the child turns 18 or when the child graduates from high school (or turns 19), unless the child has a physical or mental disability. Parents do not have a legal responsibility to provide for their adult child, unless that child has a disability. 

However, a college education is extremely expensive, and many entry-level jobs require a college degree. You may be concerned about your child’s future and about how you and your child will manage tens of thousands of dollars in tuition payments each year for four years without the help of your child’s other parent.

Parents Can Enter College Payment Agreements #

While a Virginia court will not require parents to pay college tuitions, fees, or expenses, the court may enforce agreements reached between parents about how college costs will be paid. For some parents, this is part of an initial divorce agreement. For others, the written agreement comes as the child nears college age, and for others, it may never happen.

As long as the agreement is a legally binding contract, it can be enforced in a Virginia court of law.

How a Family Law Attorney Can Help You #

Our goal as family law attorneys is to protect you and your children. Paying for college may be a big concern for you. You may want your former spouse to help pay for your child’s college education, or you may be unable to contribute financially to your child’s education even though your former spouse is pressuring you to do so.

At Quest Law PLLC, we take the time to understand our clients’ needs, and we will work hard to protect you and your children. Contact us today if you have concerns about how your child’s college education will be paid for or if you have any other financial concerns related to the dissolution of your marriage or the care of your children.