What are some common mistakes that I can avoid in my Virginia divorce case?

The content of your divorce agreement matters. The division of property, child custody arrangements, child support, and alimony can impact your life, and your children’s lives, for many years to come.

You Don’t Want to Make a Mistake During a Divorce #

Every divorce case is unique. However, many people who are ending their marriages in Virginia run into common problems such as:

  • Not knowing their financial situation. In many marriages, one spouse has more responsibility for paying the bills and checking the financial accounts than the other spouse. Before you file for divorce and begin dividing your property and deciding on spousal and child support, it is important to have an accurate understanding of the value of your assets, the amount of your income and your spouse’s income, and the amount you both owe in debt.
  • Trusting your soon to be ex-spouse too much. You may want an amicable divorce, and our divorce attorneys want to help you maintain a friendly relationship with your spouse. Right now, you and your spouse may agree on all of the big issues related to your divorce. You may believe that the details will work themselves out. However, the court is going to require that all of the details are written down before your divorce is finalized. This will be beneficial to you because it will prevent your spouse from making unilateral changes later.
  • Being unrealistic about what you can do. You may have the best of intentions for seeing your children and for paying child or spousal support. Over time, the demands of your job or your other financial obligations may keep you from doing what you intended to do. An attorney can help you be realistic with your long-term plans so that you don’t find yourself in this difficult situation.

Contact a Divorce Lawyer Today #

Above all else, it is a mistake to try to handle your divorce on your own. You may unintentionally make mistakes that could harm you, and your children, for years to come. Do not take this risk. Instead, contact an experienced Midlothian divorce attorney for help with ending your marriage.