Can visitation be denied if a parent fails to pay child support?

No. Child support and child visitation are two separate things. Child visitation cannot be denied or changed outside of court if a parent fails to pay child support in Virginia.

Legal Consequences for Failing to Pay Child Support #

While child visitation cannot be unilaterally changed by a parent who is not receiving the child support agreed upon by the court, there are legal consequences for failing to pay child support. For example, the parent who is not paying child support as required by the court may face:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Tax return garnishment
  • Fines
  • Real estate liens against a home or other real property
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Being unable to renew a passport
  • Credit problems
  • Jail time for being held in contempt of court

Both Parents May Need Lawyers If Child Support Isn’t Being Paid #

Whether you are the parent who isn’t paying according to the terms of your child support agreement or you are the parent who is not receiving the money according to the terms of your child support agreement, you may need a lawyer.

If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t pay, you may need to have the child support agreement amended in court. The court may reconsider your ability to pay according to guidelines for the determination of child support and other factors set forth in Virginia law.

If you are the parent who is not receiving child support, you may contact the Virginia Department of Child Support Enforcement Services for help getting the money that you are owed, or you may contact the court to have the other parent held in contempt. Either way, you are legally entitled to receive any child support payments that have not been paid.

Speak to a Virginia Child Support Lawyer #

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