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No one plans to get arrested or hopes to file for divorce. These kinds of serious life events tend to come out of nowhere, and most people are completely unprepared to handle them. When you subscribe to the free monthly newsletter from our family and criminal law firm, you will get valuable information about your rights when you are arrested and what to think about before filing for divorce.


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If you are already a client of Quest Law PLLC, you can count on our newsletter to keep you up to date on what’s happening at the firm as well as what Virginia law enforcement and family courts are up to. Even if you are not a client, you’ll find information like the following invaluable:

  • What to do when your high school or college student is arrested
  • When you need a lawyer for a traffic offense in Virginia
  • How an arrest record can affect your future
  • What to do before filing for divorce
  • How to get the custody agreement that works best for you
  • What you have to do to change a custody or visitation order

Along with topics like these, we also include information about events of interest in the Richmond area and features about the legal team in our Midlothian office.


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