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family-law-attorneyIt may be time to end your marriage, but that does not mean you are giving up on your children. Ideally, divorcing parents can put their differences aside and agree on a shared custody or visitation plan that benefits everyone. Unfortunately, things do not always go this smoothly. If you are in the process of getting divorced and want to make sure you get the custody arrangement that works best for you, you may need to go to court to get it. If you are already divorced, and you or your ex want to change the custody agreement, this could also become a legal battle. While you may have been happy with your divorce lawyer, you now need an attorney with trial experience to fight for your wishes in court. Stephen Bloomquest is a family law attorney who is also an experienced litigator. Whatever your family legal matter is, Stephen has the experience and determination to see it through.

A Partner in Your Family Legal Issue

Ending a marriage and dividing a household is never an easy process, but when you trust your family law attorney to protect your interests, you can focus on the more important things, such as caring for your children and beginning your new life. Stephen views his relationships with clients as partnerships and takes the time to get to know you and to understand your goals. Working together, you will develop a plan of attack for achieving your goals regarding custody, division of property, financial support, and more. Quest Law PLLC understands that this is a painful time for you, and we will handle your case with the sensitivity and compassion it deserves.


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What is Family Law?

Family law covers any area of the law that pertains to the family unit. These kinds of cases often require special handling and should not be entrusted to just any lawyer. At Quest Law PLLC, we are happy to accept a variety of family legal issues, including the following:

  • Divorce. While Virginia does have the option of no-fault divorce, you will want to discuss the implications with a divorce attorney, especially if you have children. If certain actions of your spouse are the reason for the divorce, you may want to file a fault divorce.
  • Child custody and visitationThere are many options for custody and visitation arrangements when two parents are no longer living together, but these decisions need to be made before the divorce is finalized. These agreements are legally binding but can be altered with good reason later on.
  • Child and spousal supportDepending on the custody arrangement, the non-custodial parent may be ordered to pay child support to the parent with primary custody. The amount of support is determined by a formula based on income and cost of living. Spousal support may be awarded in situations where one spouse gave up earning potential to care for the household or children, but you may have to be prepared to fight for it.

Stephen is experienced in all areas of family law and would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your goals, no matter where you are in the process of divorce. With our client-centered approach, we take steps to make working together as convenient as possible for you at this difficult time in your life.

Trust Our Compassionate Midlothian Family Law Attorney

We understand what you and your children are going through, and we are here to take the burden off your shoulders. We represent both men and women in divorces and are strong advocates for the best interest of children when families break apart. Our understanding of Virginia family law and our knowledge of Midlothian and Richmond-area family courts can become assets in your divorce or custody case. Contact our Midlothian family law office to schedule a free consultation today.


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