Charged With a Crime in Virginia? You Deserve a Criminal Defense Attorney Who Will Fight for You

There is nothing more frightening than facing criminal charges. Whether for a traffic violation or a felony, when you or your teenager has been arrested, you will need legal help fast. In the Midlothian and Richmond area, there is no better lawyer to turn to than Attorney Stephen Bloomquest of Quest Law PLLC. Stephen is committed to providing the best possible defense to each of his clients and will clearly communicate realistic, attainable goals at your first meeting.

What Makes Us Different

We know there are a lot of criminal defense attorneys in theMidlothian criminal defense attorney Richmond area who have been doing this for a long time. We know you may not recognize our name like you do theirs, but we can assure you that none of them will work as hard on your defense as we will. When you hire Quest Law PLLC, you will get:
  • 24-hour access to your attorney
  • An open line of communication about your case
  • A clear plan and realistic goals for your defense
  • Easy and convenient ways for you to keep in touch with us throughout the process
  • A tough litigator who will meticulously prepare for every hearing and trial

Quest Law PLLC Accepts All Criminal Cases

There is no doubt that some criminal charges are much more serious than others, but our legal team approaches every case we accept with the same determination to get the best possible outcome. Often, people charged with traffic offenses and misdemeanors don’t take the charges seriously and end up jeopardizing their futures when they could have avoided the worst by hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney. Stephen has represented clients in the following types of cases throughout Midlothian, Richmond, and Virginia:
  • MisdemeanorsWhile it may not sound serious, conviction of a misdemeanor in Virginia could land you in jail for up to a year and cost you $2,500. Examples of misdemeanors include domestic violence, carrying a gun without a permit, possession of drug paraphernalia, petty theft, and public intoxication, among many others. You may think you can handle such charges on your own—or that you don’t need to bother finding a good attorney—but this mistake could cost you.
  • Felonies. Any felony charge should be taken seriously. In Virginia, felony convictions can result in anything from a year in jail to life in prison or the death penalty. Crimes such as first-degree murder, arson, drug dealing, burglary, embezzlement, manslaughter, and animal cruelty are considered felonies. If you are facing felony charges, you will need to mount a strong defense with the help of an experienced Midlothian criminal defense attorney.
  • Traffic offenses. In Virginia, reckless driving is considered a criminal misdemeanor and a conviction can have a serious effect on your ability to hold a driver’s license, find affordable insurance and, by extension, hold down a job and take care of your family. Don’t ignore serious traffic offenses. Fight them with an experienced attorney by your side.
  • DUI. A drunk driving conviction can have serious repercussions, especially if it is not your first DUI. Everyone makes mistakes, and if your mistake involved driving after you had been drinking, you need an attorney with experience fighting DUIs in Virginia. Don’t assume there’s no way out of a DUI. Talk to Quest Law before you give up.
  • Juveniles. Juvenile crimes are heard in a different court from adult crimes and should be handled by an attorney with juvenile court experience. If your underage child has been arrested, this is no time for tough love. Instead, it’s time to protect his or her future by hiring Stephen Bloomquest.
  • Appeals. Not every criminal attorney handles appeals, but Quest Law PLLC can handle your charge from your arrest through the appeals process. No matter where you are in the criminal process, Stephen will hear your case and discuss your options with you.

If you have been charged with a crime in Midlothian, Richmond or anywhere in Virginia, it’s important to know that you are not alone. When you have Quest Law PLLC on your side, you can rest assured that all of your options will be considered.

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