What happens after I hire a criminal defense attorney?

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense in Virginia, it is important to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer representing you. Here is what you can expect him to do to prepare for your criminal court case.  

Steps Your Attorney Will Take #

Once you retain a lawyer, he will take a number of steps to develop the best defense strategy for you. He will:

Investigate Your Case #

Your lawyer will investigate the facts surrounding your arrest and the evidence the police have against you. He will also interview witnesses and collect evidence that will support your defense. Depending on the issues you face, he may decide to hire an expert witness to help dispute the evidence against you. These steps will assist him mount a strong defense to the charges you face.

Explain the Court Process #

Your lawyer will explain the criminal court process and his defense strategy to you. He should also be available to answer your questions. Depending on your charges, your attorney may ask that you take certain steps to help in your criminal case such as:

  • Refrain from using drugs or alcohol
  • Enroll in a substance abuse treatment program if you have been charged with a drug or DUI offense
  • Take an anger management class if you have been charged with domestic violence
  • Attend traffic school

Attend Court Hearings #

Your attorney will help you decide what plea you should enter to the criminal offenses you’re charged with and attend your arraignment with you. He will also represent you at any other court hearings. He may file motions, such as to suppress improperly obtained evidence against you, and will represent you at your trial if this becomes necessary.

Negotiate a Plea Agreement #

Many criminal cases are resolved through a plea agreement with the prosecutor where the charges are reduced to a less serious offense, the sentence is reduced, or both. Once your lawyer investigates your case and determines what defenses you have, he may be able use this information to negotiate a favorable plea bargain for you.

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